About Us.


"Rooted in the long tradition of Indian Craftsmanship, DORI TAAGA draws its inspiration from the traditional art of Indian Handlooms and brings forth “SIX YARDS OF ELEGANCE”.

DORI TAAGA works its best at bringing out the elegance in the art of weaving Sarees.

Each Saree of DORI TAAGA is inspired by the deep rooted culture of Indian Artisans, telling the tale of its own. These woven stories aim to bring a new aesthetic to traditional Sarees by innovating century old skills."


"With a motto to bring forth “SIX YARDS OF ELEGANCE”, DORI TAAGA aims to bring out an element of significance in the ethnic culture of India. With an aim to weave lifelong connections with our clients, we present Traditional Sarees straight from the home of Indian Artisans, woven with threads of Love and Emotions. These woven stories symbolize Culture, Art and Literature in a new context, through a new range of Sarees"

Our Values

"We celebrate the incredible tradition of Indian Handlooms by designing elegant sarees, that are stitched with aspirations to carry forward the inspirations of the past, by innovating this centuries old tradition, making it fit for the modern era. With a team of well-talented artisans, from different parts of the country like Kolkata, West Bengal, Assam, Varanasi etc, we at Dori Taaga not only keep the tradition alive but also provide our artisans with a significant platform to showcase their talent, accompanied by fair wages and safe working environment.

Woven together with an idea to create a lifestyle that is raw and organic yet sustainable and classy, we aim to bring six yards of elegance, which reflects age old artisanal techniques and new age designs. "

Future Prospects

"With an idea to empower Indian Artisans, DORI TAAGA’s products symbolize the craftsmanship behind them, re-telling the tale of these Karigars from the cities of South India.

Bringing in a new horizon of opportunities for these artisans, DORI TAAGA aims to deliver elegance with its exquisite range of Sarees, woven with Love, re-telling the same old stories of Indian Tradition in a new context."